Thor’s Musings 10.20.2012

Why, hello there. You surprised me.


Why, hello there.  Welcome to my musings.  I figure I’ll post my thoughts every once and awhile bc, why not?  I’m a pretty neat dude with rad thoughts.

Come.  Bathe with me won’t you?

People come up to me often and say – Hey Thor, why do you write such sad music?  And to that I say – Bc I’m real.  Hahaha!  Let me elaborate.  At the time Graves Like Oceans was written I wasn’t super happy.  Also, let me point out that the album itself was written in bits and pieces over 3-4 years.  So it wasn’t like I was sulking around like a mongoloid that whole time, but there were definitely days where I wasn’t at my optimal pleasant self.  Most also seem to assume that the whole album is about one person.  And to that I say – NAY!  It is mostly about one person, but it’s about other things too.. Like me graduating college and trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do with my life. But alas, it’s been quite some time since any of that really applied to me anymore and I’ve definitely moved on to bigger, better and other things in my life.  Ie. I got married to a lovely lady.  wink.

My ultimate music goal though, is to write a song everyone will make everyone sad.  Why?  Bc if you think about it – a wonderful sad song can make you remember, make you happy, comfort you bc you feel like someone understands… there’s a wide range of things it can provoke.  Whereas a happy song … well.. they make you happy.. I tell ya what, if I was depressed I wouldn’t be listening to ‘Call Me Maybe’.  Upbeat songs block emotion.  They’re one dimensional to me.  But they’re good to have around.

Which leads me to what kind of stuff the band has been working on.

We wrote upbeat music!  WHOOOOOAA!  Haha.. We have 3 songs that we recorded upstate that are pretty pop-centric.  We’re pretty proud of them and I think it’ll surprise a lot of people what we were able to do.. Of the three, a song entitled ‘Empires’ is my favorite.. It’s a great mix of harmonies, sounds and movements.  I’m pumped to have everyone hear it once it’s done being mixed/mastered by our friend Nate of Underwater Tiger.

So when will you hear these tunes?  Well, we’ve kinda been playing 2 of them at live shows.  But to hear all three, we have a show in November in NYC with Brookline Drive @ Bowery Electric, December with Say Chancex @ Rams Head in Baltimore and January with Yellowcard @ 9:30 Club. Hooray!

That’s it for now..



Hello from freezing cold Ithaca! We got here last night to start recording our upcoming EP and, despite the traffic eating up some of our time, we’re making great progress already. Drums are almost done, and bass will be done this afternoon, and rhythm guitar shortly after that.

Don’t forget to tune in this afternoon to watch and chat with us live in the studio via stickam from 2-6pm EST at 

Love and Rock to all!


Producer extraordinaire Nate Miner behind the console tracking Josh.

Gramercy Tonight!

Can’t wait to see everyone tonight at Gramercy Theatre. It’s been a little while since our last show here, so we’re hoping for some hometown love! Come out and rock with us. You might even hear a new song or two…just sayin.

For all the info, head over to our tour dates page. Looking forward to jamming out with you guys tonight.

Love always,


New Tour Dates Added!

New songs, new merch,  new photos, and now MORE SHOWS?! Hell yeah! We’re ending 2012 with a bang! Check out our Tour section for all the info you need about our upcoming shows, and be on the look out for more show announcements coming soon.

We’ll be performing some brand new songs that will be on our new EP, along with your TAL favorites! Share this exciting news with your friends, and comment below or tweet to us which songs you want to hear us perform live.

Much Love!


Help Us Make TAL T-Shirts!

We have our very first T-Shirt design, check it out!! 

Now we just need some help making our first batch of shirts. Check out our campaign page here. If you donate $25 or more, you’ll get one of these shirts. We also have amounts lower than $25 if you’d like to help us but don’t want a T-Shirt. There are lots of other awesome perks too! Exclusive music and videos, signed CD and merch, a invitation to join us in the recording studio via live webcam, and more! 

Check out the campaign page to donate, and let us know what you think of the shirts in the comment section below!



We’re hittin’ the studio!

That’s right! We’ve been working hard to write some new music, and we’ll be heading back into the studio starting October 12th. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be working with our good friend Nate Miner from Underwater Tiger, a band we  love and have played many shows with. He plays guitar and vocals in the band, and is a great up-and-coming producer. 

We have a several new songs that we plan to record, with hopes of getting a new EP out to you all early 2013. But don’t worry, our plan is to get a new single out before the holidays, so the wait won’t be too long! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date on all the new things we have going on. In addition to the new music, we’ll have new photos, new merch and a lot more coming soon. 

As always, thank you all for your support and #TALove! We can’t wait for you to hear the new songs, you’re going to LOVE them!

Much Love,

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