#TALgiveaway 1: “Empires” Announcement (Contest Rules)

Hey TALovers!

Today is the start of our first #TALgiveaway. Now through April, we’ll be running A BUNCH of contests where YOU have the chance to win some cool prizes from US. We’ll do AT LEAST one contest per week (maybe more!) Winners for these contest will be chosen at random, which means you CAN win more than one! So be on the look out for the contests and be sure to play ’em all.

Here is #TALgiveaway Number 1:




Check out our Announcement video HERE  – Then, click the share button under the video and post to twitter or facebook. When the automatic tweet/post pops up, be sure to TAG @TheAssemblyLine and HASHTAG #AllHailTheEmpires at the end of the tweet, so we’re sure to see it and enter you into the random drawing!

Feel free to change the message and make it your own, but be sure that the message comes before the @ Mention and Hashtag :)




We will pick the winner via random drawing on Saturday, March 16th.


As always, thanks for all the support!

Good Luck!!


– The Assembly Line

New Single “Empires” Coming 3/26/13

We are excited to announce that our new single, ‘Empires’, will be released on March 26th! We’ve been working hard on a new EP, and wanted to get this song out to you before the EP comes out later this Spring.

‘Empires’ is the next step in the evolution of The Assembly Line. We have so much energy from all the fans, and the experiences we’re having playing shows, that we wanted to capture that momentum – it’s a tremendous feeling. With this song, fans will hear glimpses of why they love  us and they’ll also be introduced to a much bigger sound. ‘Empires’ is about moving forward, looking towards the future and not lingering in the past. So it’s only fitting that it be the first single off our upcoming EP, ‘The Places We Leave Behind’. It describes where we are as a band and in our own lives perfectly. We hope that new listeners and fans, new and old, embrace that idea and help us get to that next level together.

We want to thank you all for the continued support!


Be sure to check out our official “Empires” Announcement Video, and get ready for a whole lot more from The Assembly Line!


Much Love,

Thor, Josh, Zach, Chris


You Asked. We Answered. Watch our #askTAL videos

WOW! You guys sent us a TON of #askTAL questions. So much so, that we couldn’t fit them all into one video. (We feel so loved!) You can check out all of our #askTAL videos using the links below. We answered every question that you guys sent in, but had some audio issues, so if your question didn’t make the cut, that’s why.. and we apologize.

We want to thank ALL of you for sending in your questions. We really appreciate the continued support you’ve given us. It was nice to take a break from writing and recording to have some fun with you guys. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we do. It’s great way to connect with you, and you’re all freakin’ awesome!

If you like the #askTAL videos, be sure to share them with friends and family. For those that didn’t ask questions, or people that haven’t heard of us yet, it’s a great way to get know us. And we’ll be asking questions on our twitter account @TheAssembyLine, so be sure to follow so we can get to know YOU, too.

Be on the look out for OUR NEW EP! It’s coming very soon, and you’ll be hearing some new announcements THIS WEEK!

To be the first to hear our announcements, and get exclusive content and ‘first-listens’, join our mailing list here.

Much Love,

Thor, Josh, Zach, Chris

#askTAL Part 1

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#askTAL Part 3

Ryan Beatty + The Assembly Line Takeover Gramercy Theatre 01/20!

The Assembly Line have the awesome privilege of opening for up and coming pop star Ryan Beatty in NYC January 20th!

It’s an earlier show – doors are at 6.  Bryan Keith from NBC’s “The Voice” has also been added to the line up. It’s sure to be an epic night of music.

We’ll be performing 3 NEW songs that will be on our new EP, set to release in a couple months.

If you’re looking for tix, just email us at TALtickets@gmail.com.

Or you can send us a message on twitter!

Be sure to come say HI to us after the show at our merch table!








Josh Talks About The New EP

I was able to sneak out to the studio in Ithaca yesterday to meet with our producer Nate, and hear some of the new mixes. The EP is sounding amazing! We’ve been working really hard on the new music for a while now, and it’s exciting to hear the songs as they near completion. I can’t wait for you all to hear ’em! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, we’re bringing a whole new sound.

We recorded 3 songs with Nate.. One that may be called “Photograph”, “Empries”, and one that is yet to be named (and my favorite at the moment) You can hear samples of it on Viddy! This song is reeeaaaaalllly catchy, and is my favorite to play. The drum part in the bridge is pretty sick. I have Thor to thank for this.. We were writing in our practice space one day and he said “play jungle beats”… At first I was hesistant. I played a dancy, jungle-inspired beat using the toms, kick and snare. It was kind of a joke at first, but it just stuck, and I’m glad it did. It’s really fun to play and sounds great with the song.

“Photograph” is a song we’ve played live several times. We’ve gotten great feedback from those that have heard it. This song was written a little while ago, unlike “Empires”… “Empires” we actually finished just a couple days before heading in to record (and we even wrote parts as we recorded). But hearing this song, you’d never know. And if it weren’t for “jungle beats” in the other song, “Empires” would definitely be my favorite. It has everything.. lots of energy, catchy melodies, great bass lines, a little guitar solo, killer harmonies, awesome drum beats ;), and a hook that you won’t be able to get out of your head (and that inspired our newest t-shirt)

Being the first set of songs that the four of us wrote together as a group, this new EP means a lot to all of us. We all come from different musical backgrounds and likings, and it shows in the new music. We put alot of heart into these songs, which truly shows as well.

Writing these songs together, being in the pratice studio for hours and hours each week, and traveling upstate and locking ourselves in the studio to record for 3 days has brought us closer together. We’ve matured as a band, and as individuals. I feel that this new EP is a great representation of that. We’re moving forward, growing as band, leaving the past behind us and taking steps to make the most out of the present, and looking forward to the future. That’s what this EP is about! I’m proud to be a part of it and excited to see where it takes us. And I would like to personally invite you all to come along for the ride. It’s gonna be a fun one!

Much Love,


Hurricane Sandy Relief – TAL Style!

Hey everyone,

Zach here. Today I went out to the Red Cross factory in Jersey City to help put together bags of supplies for victims of hurricane Sandy and load up the trucks taking them out to Staten Island, Brooklyn and all the affected areas. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was just told to be way on the west side at the buttcrack of dawn to get on a bus. It was definitely amazing to see so many different people coming together to help. From high school students to geriatrics, it really didn’t matter who you were or where you came from, just that you were there for the same reason as everyone else. In the last few weeks a lot of headway has been made to reach the people affected by the storm, but the effort is by no means finished. You can still volunteer and donate for the Red Cross relief effort and for those of us living in NYC, there are locations all over the city to donate supplies. Click here to find out more about how you can help. Aside from the warm feeling you get from helping, let me tell you, you will not need to go to the gym after helping for a few hours. Seriously.


Love to all!


Which Color Shirt Would YOU Prefer? Vote Now!

Hey TALovers!

We have our next t-shirt design ready and want YOU to decide the color. Vote Yellow or Gray in the comments section below. We will be placing our order this week, so vote now!

Empries Shirts Yellow & Gray

We Reached Our Goal! T-Shirts Coming Soon!!

We did it! Thanks to EVERYONE that donated to our indie go go campaign. Because you helped us reach our goal, we can now make some awesome t-shirts for you all. We’ll start production of the shirts as soon as possible, and start sending out the first batch to those of you that donated. Everyone that ordered shirts through our indie go go campaign will also get a free mp3 of our new single before it’s available to the general public, as well as the other perks associated with your donation amount as soon as they’re ready.

For everyone that wasn’t able to make a contribution to our campaign, t-shirts will be available at our shows (see tour dates), and online once we get our merch store up and running. We can’t say this enough, you  guys rock! Thanks for all the support and TALove!

Much Love,

The Assembly Line

The Assembly Line and YELLOWCARD in DC!

Yes. You read that right. We are very lucky and excited to announce that we will be sharing the stage with Yellowcard and Youngblood at the famous 9:30 Club in Washington DC on 1/11/13.  We were fortunate enough to play 9:30 this past January with Cowboy Mouth and could not be more pumped to return with a band we all grew up listening to. (Plus it’s pretty amazing to get to play my favorite venue with one of my favorite bands. Just saying…)

Click here for tickets and more information, and we’ll see you at the show!



Get Your TAL T-Shirt!

We have our very first t-shirt designed and will be making up the first batch very soon! Help us make it happen faster by donating to our Indie Go Go campaign. In return, we’ll give you a t-shirt! There are a ton of other cool perks that you can cash in on, too. New music, exclusive videos, signed merch, and more. Be sure to check it out soon, there’s only a few days left to get the shirts with additional perks!!

Click HERE for details, a silly-ass video, and to get your shirt now!

Much Love,

The Assembly Line